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Seminars & Events

Unique Ideas – Worth it!

“Definitely worth the time and money for anyone, from the training professional to the pet dog owner just wanting to learn. Amy provides some unique ideas and point of view which can help you become more in tune with any dog.”

— Recent Seminar Attendee

“A definite must. No one that works with dogs would be disappointed.”

— Kathy Stump

“Very important for all dogs in all sports. People don’t realize the power of play. I’m excited to get started!”

A New Perspective

“Do it! It puts a completely new perspective on fear and reactivity training. This approach truly helps improve your intimate relationship with your dog, not just your dog’s willingness to work for you.”

— Recent Seminar Attendee

Great Speaking Style

“Love her extroverted style — humorous with insight and thoughtful suggestions and observations.”

— Recent seminar attendee

“Be ready to learn and laugh a lot! Great information, presented in a fun, positive way.”

— Recent seminar attendee

Had My Mind Blown…

“I came into the seminar thinking I knew what it was likely going to be about, but i had my mind blown — both by new stuff and by what i didn’t know i already utilized.”

— Recent seminar attendee

Appreciate Your Dog More

“Wow! Takes relationship with your dog to a whole new level. Helps you appreciate your dog so much more; want to really listen to what your dog is telling you — listen with your heart.”

— Recent seminar attendee

“I think the technique addresses a huge missing component in the human/dog relationship. I loved the information.”

— Christine Walsh

Online Classes

Extremely Instructive!

“The ‘Dealing with the Bogeyman Course’ is extremely instructive. All the ‘exercises’ suggested during the course are aimed at helping dogs overcome their fear and they really work. The most valuable thing, to me, was the reminder about keeping under threshold. Also extremely valuable was that I was able to arm myself with good information to be able to tell people that I knew what I was doing when I ‘comforted’ my scared young dog instead of ‘making her snap out of it.'”

— Sarah G

Dealing with the Bogeyman Student

“The course description undersells the value of this class — I’ve been managing my reactive dog (pretty effectively) for 4 years and still learned several new tricks and tips.” 

— Recent Student

Management for Reactive Dogs Student

“Excellent course! The best material I have read on learning theory thus far, as it was written in a clear ‘everyday language’ so I could grasp the concepts and actively apply to my daily training.” 

— Ingrid I.

Introduction to Learning Theory Student

The Dogs Transformed…

“Bogeyman has given us a renewed focus and energy for our obedience competition. Amy has such a great knowledge and ideas to help you work through any type of issue. You could see the dogs transform over the course of the class, as well as a plan for moving forward after the class.”

— Melissa C

Dealing with the Bogeyman Student

Amy is a Master At Explaining Complex Theory…

“Amy Cook is a master at explaining complex learning theory and then translating that theory into practical advice. This is not a cookie-cutter ‘how-to’ course, but a course that teaches you how to think about learning and to analyze for yourself. It improved my understanding of my dog and my training craft by leaps and bounds!”

— Gay H.

Introduction to Learning Theory Student

“Great class. Instructor answers all questions fully and clearly. Very thorough. Lectures leave little to question regarding her responses to students. I would take classes she offers in a New York minute.” 

— Recent Student

Management for Reactive Dogs Class

I Feel More Confident.

“While working under Amy’s guidance, I started to feel more confident about any potential triggers that we could come across. We started to enjoy our relaxed (!) walks together opposed to my dog being frantic looking for things to sniff, stare or pounce at. We learned so much in this class and will continue to practice our skills and grow confidence and appropriate behavior. Thank you, Amy!”

— Anya K.

Dealing with the Bogeyman Student

Very Pleased. 

“I am very pleased with the value of my course Dealing with the Bogeyman. I felt like I was achieving something each training session. What a relief to finally have someone see what I see, and give me a unique training plan.”

— Tracey M and "Wallace"

Dealing with the Bogeyman Student