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Seminar at Marin Humane Society! October 7-8, 2017

I'm on home turf! Been wanting to know how you can apply the Play Way and deal with the bogeyman your dog has? Come down to see me in Novato, as the Marin Humane hosts me for my local people!  I’ll be there October 7-8, 2017, in their fantastic auditorium. Topic is my...

Seminar at Wonderdogs in Corvallis, Oregon!

It's fall, and I'm back on the seminar circuit!  I'll announce them here as each one opens registration so you all can know if I'm in your area.  Come down to see me in Corvallis, as Julie Flanery of Wonderdogs hosts me for a second time!  I'll be there September...

Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast!

The FDSA podcast has Amy as a guest this time, and we talk dogs, chickens, jealousy and why it’s important to be an independent thinker as a dog trainer.

Drinking from the Toilet

Hannah Branigan’s amazing new podcast gets a visit from Amy! They talk about emotions and training, and how important it is to keep your learner in a good learning space.

Reactivity: Training vs. Management

What is reactivity?  Ask three trainers and you’ll get three answers. Is it aggression? Is it arousal? Is it out-of-control friendliness and frustration? Most of these answers center around the underlying motivation, which we are certainly free to guess at, but if we...

Fearful Dog Tips on Animal Cafe

Fearful dog behavior can be quite a challenge to live with and witness. It’s both frustrating and heartbreaking to watch a fearful dog navigate a world populated with scary sights and sounds. Our hearts go out to these poor shy creatures that are often even afraid of...