Fenzi Dog Sports Podcast!

The FDSA podcast has Amy as a guest this time, and we talk dogs, chickens, jealousy and why it’s important to be an independent thinker as a dog trainer.

But I just want to say hi!

I get very excited by dogs when I see them and I want to rush up and jump all over them. My person has been told recently that I shouldn’t be allowed to do that, especially when I’m tied to her. How can this be correct?

The great surprise about teaching online

When Denise Fenzi first set up her online school, the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, I was one of the first teachers brought on. The concept was pretty new, though she’d run some test classes there and elsewhere to try out the idea. She asked if I could run a behavior class, since behavior is my thing.

Drinking from the Toilet

Hannah Branigan’s amazing new podcast gets a visit from Amy! They talk about emotions and training, and how important it is to keep your learner in a good learning space.